To develop a unique innovation focused ecosystem supported by world class infrastructure


To facilitate international research, development, and commercialization of cost-effective solutions to improve cancer care for the developing world and beyond.

Value Proposition

Participate in creating and leveraging an integrated multidisciplinary ecosystem focused on establishing effective collaborations and on increasing the efficiencies in cost and time for translational oncology

A unique ecosystem

A unique ecosystem

We carefully select local and global partners, and facilitate collaborations through measurable goals to meet our mission.

Diverse stakeholders will be co-located on a single, state-of-the art campus:

  • Oncology product development companies
  • Technology and service provider companies
  • Project management and business advisers
  • Allied service providers

Each of our partner has been chosen because of their proven capabilities in providing high quality service at global standards. You can utilize the scientific core facility on a fee-for-use basis to conduct high-quality R&D with minimal upfront capital investment. You will also have access to both wet lab services and ancillary services, as detailed below:

Core lab partners:
  • Consented and characterized, de-identified retrospective clinical samples and prospective sample collection managed bySapien Biosciences.
  • Experiments using Charles River Laboratory-certified animals provided by Hylasco.
  • Access to advanced assay development services through Premas Biotech.
  • Genomics, Histopathology, IHC, FACS, FISH, and molecular pathology managed by Oncquest Laboratories.
  • Circulating Tumor Cells isolation and culturing by Circulogix Inc.
  • Cloud-based and on-premises advanced bioinformatics services managed by Strand Life sciences.
  • Access to clinical samples at Queens NRI hospital.
  • Clinical trial protocol design, consent, EC clearance and patient recruitment at several sites managed by Jehangir Clinical Development Center.
Core service partners:
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning services by Imaginnovate.
  • Intellectual property management by Novel Patent services.
  • Web design and branding by Idea First.